Enjoy the gathering, the ropes are flying - Lanxin Technology "Event Day"

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The first "Event Day" of Lanxin Technology was successfully completed on the afternoon of March 29!
   Let us collide with thoughts, move the body
Think about convergence
All departments carry out the enjoyment meeting, learn the article ""Knowledge and know how to use knowledge", "What kind of people do we use", share the most touching books, use this rare opportunity to exchange insights, communicate ideas , make reasonable suggestions.
Rope color
More than 130 players from the "Burning My Calories" skipping competition signed up and participated in the event.
Single speed racing is "fast"
Rope color
Single-player long-term match is "endurance"
In the doubles and team competitions, "team cooperation" is won.

Winners list
Single speed race (number of skips in brackets)
First Prize: Zhang Zhen (195)
Second prize: Liu Jing (190), Guo Faliang (188)
Third Prize, Su Lin (180), Wu Qi (180), Zhang Yanling (175), Yan Wen (175), Xu Ruihao (175)
Single lasting match
First Prize: Zhu Leiqi (697)
Second Prize: Guo Faliang (574)
Third Prize: Liu Pan (229)
First Prize: Xie Xiaohao, Zhang Zhen (81)
Team competition
First prize: J team, captain Zhang Zhiqiang (48)
Players: Peng Eryang, Xie Shilin, Zhang Huafeng, Zeng Qingping, Guo Xiaoyu, Ma Yong, Li Chao, Jin Chun, Li Zhi
Second Prize: Team D, Captain Han Weifeng (42)
Players: Wang Shuaiqiang, Xuan Zhiwei, Xi Dabin, Shang Baige, Wu Qi, Zhang Zhilong, Hao Yufu, Wang Xingyang, Zhang Cong
Third Prize: Team H, Captain Liu Yong (41)
Players: Zhao Zhiqiang, Ma Xikui, Zhou Liuci, Tian Yajiu, Kong Weipeng, Wang Yanlei, Yu Legend, Zhang Zhiyuan, Zhang Xiaolei