Henan lanxin software co., ltd. has been approved as a high-tech enterprise

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On December 3, 2018, henan province announced the third batch of new and high technology enterprises to be recognized in 2018. Henan lanxin software co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "lanxin software"), a subsidiary of lanxin technology, was listed in the public list.
Since July, the comprehensive department of science and technology and the financial department of the company have started to prepare for the application of lanxin software for high-tech enterprises in accordance with the relevant requirements of high-tech enterprise identification. From September to November, the application materials have been approved by innovation and development bureau of high-tech zone management committee, high-tech zone finance and finance bureau and high-tech zone tax bureau.
The approval of high-tech enterprise identification indicates that lanxin software can enjoy the support policies of the state for scientific and technological enterprises, and it is the recognition of the company's innovation ability and scientific and technological achievements transformation ability, which is conducive to further improving the brand image and market value.