Profile Culture Qualifications Team

    Henan Lanxin Technology was established in 2006, the company has changed the name to Henan Lanxin Technology Co.,Ltd. on February 11,2015, and the registered capital was 65.21739 million yuan.
    Lanxin Technology as one of the train control dynamic monitoring system in domestic industry, has always been committed to the research and development , integration, sales, installation and maintenance . The company has capability of self innovation, industry experience and brand advantage, quality control advantage. Our products have already been used in the Railway Corporation and over 18 Railway Bureaus. 
    The company has been concentrated on EMU train control dynamic monitoring technology since its establishment, eventually core technology of signal equipment dynamic monitoring for EMU train safety, the company has develop the dynamic monitoring system for train control equipment with proprietary intellectual property rights domestically, it has provided the Signal and Telecommunication Department with real time monitoring , emergency processing, unified maintenance , failure process and analysis.

   Lanxin has passed the ISO9001 quality system accreditation, as well as the system integration qualification 4th level certificate ,CMMI3 certificate, IRIS(International Railway Industry Standard), Lanxin is one of the first high tech corporation accredited by the Department of Finance of Henan, Department of Science and Technology of Henan, National Tax Bureau, and Local Taxation Bureau. The company and its subsidiary company own many patents and the company software copyrights,and participate in many technical conditions. Lanxin was also the owner of train control equipments dynamic monitoring specific technique, participants of standards set up, pusher of train control dynamic monitoring technology.

    The company will concentrate on dynamic monitoring for train control system, give full play to the existing market advantage, expanding the functions of products, enhance the quality of the products, enhance the service level, in order to satisfy the growing requirements of the the mean time, keep on “people oriented “enterprise culture concept, attract and train more talents, to ensure the sustained and rapid development of the company , to become a professional first-class high-tech enterprise in China, also in the world.